Nuron-Biosafe Weed Control & Light Grass Formula 4 Litre

Nuron weed killers, A systemic weedkillers, when sprayed onto the weeds or grasses  the formula will be absorbed via the leaves the moves into the root system a period of 2 days before the weed dries up & dies (will not return).

Best results will be achieved spraying in  sunlight hours.

This formula is made in New Zealand & Formulated through using 100% household cleaning products.

In stock: 4

Works in 1.5 Hrs, if rain begins & stays raining for 2 days when the rain stops

Nuron weed killer will keep working till the weeds have been killed.


  • Controls 99% of Weeds/Light Grass
  • LOW Toxic Formulation
  • Non harmful to Humans and Animals
  • Non Harmful to the soil
  • Non Glyphosate Formula
  • Glyphosate, the key ingredient in most weed killers, has been identified as a possible cancer risk to Humans.
  • A number of nations have been banned the use of Glyphosate.
  • Sprayed weeds and grass are dead with NURON 

This formulation was formulated from day to day cleaning products that are being used daily in the home and many other places. The weeds and grasses must be well covered to get the best results, spray during sunny hot days, just need around 1.5 hrs for the formula to start working and don’t worry if its going to rain as the formula will continues working when the rain stops.

Be careful in windy conditions not to over spray as the product will burn plants but not kill them

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