General Information

Nuron-BioSafe: is recommended for use in many greenhouse and nursery applications

General Sanitation: Nuron-BioSafe is an effective high-level treatment for eradication of bacteria, algae. fungi, and other harmful plant pathogens on contact. Nuron-BioSafe is recommended for use with pots, tools, structures, trays, ravel/dirt walkways, concrete walkways, irrigation lines, and stock tanks. Nuron-BioSafe is completely safe for plants, MAKING it ideal for greenhouse applications.

Seed Treatment and Vegetative Cutting Nuron-BioSafe is recommended for surface treatment of vegetative cuttings and seeds to kill harmful fungal bacterial plant pathogens.

Direct Injection for Propagation

Inject Nuron-BioSafe through mist lines to treat cuttings and plugs while simultaneously clearing line-clogging biofilms & algae

Drench Treatments

Regularly treat non-soil material with Nuron-BioSafe to maintain low disease pressures. Nuron-BioSafe is recommended as both a curative and preventive application for young plant MATERIAL.

Water Treatment

Apply Nuron-BioSafe to help stop cross-contamination in recycled water systems and stored water systems.

Specially formulated to eradicate bacteria, algae, fungi, and spores on contact, Nuron-BioSafe is recommended as a curative, preventive, treatment in the soil. Nuron-BioSafe is also recommended for use in gardens, nurseries, greenhouses, and orchards for a wide variety of horticultural applications such as direct injection, cold or THERMAL fog, vegetative cutting and seed treatment, drench treatment, water treatment, flowering plants, Nuron-BioSafe is also recommended for use as an algicide, fungicide on: greenhouse structures, pots, benches, watering systems, storage rooms, evaporative coolers, floors, ventilation equipment, and other equipment.

Nuron-BioSafe mutation resistant because its rapid oxidafilin on surface contact with plants
and materials helps stop the development of tolerant strains of fungi & bacteria.

  • Kills bacteria, algae, fungi, & spores on contact
  • No mutational resistance
  • Environmentally friendly (no residual)
  • Approved for tank mixing
  • Nuron-biosafe will control diseases such as Anthracnose, brown patch, botryis, copper spot, dollar spot.
  • Mildew (any kind), fusarium, leaf spot, pseudomonas, wilts & blights.

Disinfection & Sanitizing DOSAGE PER 1000MLS WATER Remarks
DIPPING TANKS (cold water). Treat the water during post-harvest dipping as well as fruit and vegetable surfaces: Apple, Asparagus, Avocado, Banana, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Citrus, Pomelo, Guava, Mango, Melon, Papaya, Potato, Sweet Corn, Sweet Potato, Tomato… etc. 10 – 15ml Dip for 5-10 minutes, When foaming under heavy agitation (e.g. hydocoolers). Prevent anthracnose that causes fruit rot and crown rot in Bananas. Extends the self life and freshness of the fruit.
Cold rooms and packing sheds. Greenhouses, seed trays, other hard surfaces, like picking bins, etc 100 – 150ml First remove all organic matter from surfaces. Saturate with biosafe for at least 10 minutes. No rinsing required. Succeeding applications can be reduced dilution.
Water in spray tanks 2 – 5ml For optimum results to dramatically reduce bacaterial and fungi counts, including coli forms and E. coli allow 10-15 minutes contact time.
Irrigation water for use in nurseries, greenhouses, misting. 2 – 5ml (continuous dosing) Rinse irrigation pipes frequently when dosing for the fist few times. The dirt/algie/organic matter will be discharged and may clog the drippers.
Water for post-harvest treatment of cut flowers in containers. 2 – 5ml The solution can be used within 30 days if kept clean, just keep away from direct sunlight to extend shelf life 60 days or more.
Tools and other farm implements. 100 – 150ml Premix biosafe for dipping spraying of tools and other farm equipments.
Foot bath and tire bath or spray (Bio-security) 100-150ml Dilluted solution can be stored in separate container at room temperature for 7 days.
Algae, Moss, Alarum 150 – 250ml (moderate), 300 – 350ml (heavy) Apply on walls and floors, screens, ideally morning and late after when it is cooler. Do not apply under direct sunlight.
General sanitation and disinfection. 100ml (moderate), 300ml (heavy) Use spray 6-8 inches from surface and let it stand minimum 10 minutes to work. Use solution on dry surface.
Wood, wood pallets and unpainted lumber. 50 – 75ml Prevents fungi, mold and mildew growth. Apply product not under direct sunlight, As product will evaporate before it can start to work.

General Instructions

  • Nuron-BioSafe is recommended to bee used in irrigation water in circulating hydroponic systems.
  • The disinfectant Nuron-BioSafe can be applied as a plant sanitiser to reduce the overall pathogenic load on foliage without leaving any residual when Nuron-BioSafe is used as a foliage spray to sanitise plant surfaces apply at a rate of 15 to 25mls /1000 spray mixture depending on plant size ( Higher volumes per litre are necessary for tree crops) Ensure that both upper & lower leafs are treated IMPORTANT : Nuron-BioSafe should be incorporated into a normal fungicide program for adequate disease control.
  • IMPORTANT: Although numerous phytotoxicity trials were done it is impossible to verify the sensitivity of all the different crop varieties to Nuron-BioSafe it is therefore recommended to first test known agrochemical sensitive before use on big scale.
  • Nuron-BioSafe can be used in POST- HARVEST DUMP TANKS to assist in POST HARVEST DECAY management by killing pathogens in drenches & dump tanks as well as on fruit surfaces, IMPORTANT: Nuron-BioSafe LEAVES NO RESIDUES.


  • Harmful if swallowed, DO NOT drink the product.
  • The undiluted product may cause serious skin irritations, prevent contact with skin.
  • Undiluted formula post risk to eyes (corrosive to the eye), prevent contact with eyes and skin.
  • Keep out of reach or children, uninformed persons.

Although this remedy has been extensively tested under a large variety of conditions, the registration holder does not warrant that it will be efficacious under all conditions because the action and effect thereof may be affected by factors such as abnormal climatic and storage conditions, quality of dilution water, compatibility with other substance not indicated on the label and the occurrence of resistance of the disease against the remedy concerned as well by the method, time and accuracy of application. The registration holder furthermore does not accept responsibility for damage to crops, vegetation, the environment or harm to man of animal for lack of performance of the remedy concerned due to failure of the user to follow the label instructions or to the occurrence of conditions which could not have been foreseen in terms of the registration. Consult supplier in the event of an uncertainty.


  • IF INHALED: If breathing is difficult, remove person to fresh air and keep at rest in a comfortable position. Persons with respiratory conditions must avoid areas while spraying is administered.
  • Prevent skin contact when handling the undiluted product, wear rubber gloves. IF ON SKIN: Gently was skin with plenty of water and soap.
  • Prevent contact with eyes; wear chemical splash goggles or safety glasses of undiluted product. IF IN contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of waster for 5 minutes and seek medical advice.
  • If swallowed, do not induce vomiting. Seek medical advice immediately.

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