The Fusarium species complex causes catastrophic crop losses in over 150 plant species and is considered one of the world’s most economically significant soil borne plant pathogens. It can also be spread in soil and running water, on farm implements or farm machinery.

Fusarium wilt of tobacco

Fusarium wilt of tobacco is widespread in tobacco, and can cause significant losses in yield and quality. The pathogen is quite variable, with different pathogenicity and host ranges associated with forma speciales and lineages from tobacco and sweet potato or cotton.
The Fusarium wilt pathogen has the potential to spread quickly, and can be associated with tobacco seed. In experiments conducted , using Nuron Biosafe prior to planting the
fungus was NOT present inside and on the exterior of the seed after leaving for 24 hrs and can account for the rapid desrease of the pathogen between farms, states and even between countries. The wilt pathogen can interact with plant parasitic root-knot to increase disease, and can persist in soils for years if untreated, Fusarium wilt best managed in tobacco by plants, including plant management, using Nuron-Biosafe

Fusarium oxysporum sp cubense

Fusarium has been characterised as causing the following symptoms: vascular wilt, yellowing of leaves, root rot, and damping-off.

Fusarium oxysporum f.sp cubense is a fungal plant pathogen that causes Panama disease of the banana and palm oil plants . Panama disease is one of the most destructive plant diseases of modern times.

Fusarium is primarily spread over short distances by irrigation water and contaminated farm equipment. The fungus can also be spread over long distances either in infected transplants or in soil. Although the fungus can sometimes infect the fruit. It is also possible that the spores are spread by wind.

If Banana and Palm oil cultures are soaked in a solution of Nuron Biosafe, this will help prevent Fusarium or gram negative rods of any kind entering the root system, when planted in the field.

Disease Management

While no techniques are certain to ward off infection without fail, there are options available to prevent and control Fusarium. Best practices such as using more resistant varieties of crops and increasing soil drainage will reduce incidents of disease.

Furthermore, use of an environmentally safe and biodegradable product like Nuron-BioSafe can be effective to control Fusarium. The organic formula will penetrate the soil and eradicate disease.

Fungal infections like Fusarium can spread quickly and result in widespread harm to plant losses. We highly recommend using Nuron-Biosafe when carrying out regular biosecurity checks, prevention and treatment methods.