Which applications are Nuron-BioSafe best used for?

Nuron-BioSafe is best used to kill harmful fungi, slime-forming bacteria, algae, and micro organisms in cooling and evaporation systems, irrigation systems, recycled water systems, non-portable water systems, cooling towers, heat exchange water systems, and water used to process fresh fruits and vegetables.

What other environments can Nuron-BioSafe be used in?

Nuron-BioSafe also effectively decontaminates agricultural premises, greenhouses, greenhouse equipment, greenhouse benches, dispersed coatings, colours, paper/paperboard, and pulp and paper mill systems.

How does Nuron-BioSafe effectively treat recycled water and cooling systems?

Nuron-BioSafe effectively treats recycled water systems by preventing cross-contamination of harmful pathogens in irrigation systems. Nuron-BioSafe effectively treats all cooling and evaporation systems by preventing the accumulation of bacterial slimes and algae.

What sizes does Nuron-BioSafe come in?

Nuron-BioSafe is available for purchase in 20 litres and 200 litres drums, as well as larger 1,000 litre TANKS.

How is Nuron-BioSafe a superior alternative to chlorine products?

Unlike chlorine products, Nuron-BioSafe is environmentally friendly, it remains effective over a wide range of pH environments and water conditions. It can be safely applied throughout all stages of a plants development. It is BioGro certified.


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