A little about us…

Nuron Organics Ltd was founded in 2009 in NZ by Ron Winkle, a highly experienced mould / mildew expert, who continues to head the company as it grows to become a notable player in the domestic mould removal market.

For many years Ron has managed successful businesses both in NZ and Australia and has consulted for government agencies in Indonesia and the Philippines.

The company roots are embedded in natural philosophy, combining this time honoured wisdom with the latest environmental friendly materials available, to produce highly efficacious and environmental friendly products at competitive prices. Nuron Organics Ltd not only produces mould products for the domestic and international markets but also products for the horticultural industry both in New Zealand and Asia. For example 90% of pack houses in the Te Puke area now use Nuron-Biosafe for the sanitisation of bins and pallets. Currently trials are ongoing both in New Zealand and the Philippines, were to date all testing of Nuron-Biosafe has shown that it will kill Fusarium sp. on pallets, in water lagoons and affected tissue culture. Other tests involved kiwifruit, vineyards and banana estates and the results thus far are impressive.

In 2010, to accommodate the rapid growth of the company, Ron recruited Dr. Kisione Valu an Industrial Chemist with operational and technical expertise to help guide the company through its formative years as it expanded into a customised manufacturing premises in Kelston, Auckland.

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