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Nuron-BioSafe is an Approved Formula for use in organic farming that was specifically designed for Biosecurity. Nuron-BioSafe is an effective treatment for the eradication of bacteria, algae, fungi, mould and other harmful plant pathogens. It can be applied as a plant sanitiser to reduce the overall pathogenic load on foliage and it can also be used to treat soil and water systems. Studies have proven it kills bacteria and fungi in lagoons and dams. (Not for use on organic produce)

Our Trusted Clients state that since they have added Nuron-BioSafe into their bactericidal / fungicidal programs they have seen a dramatic decrease in their Post-Harvest Losses. Recent studies have found that a major cause for plant infection derives from Agricultural Tools / Machinery that have been transported from Farms already infected with disease. We recommend using Nuron-BioSafe as a counter measure to stop cross-contamination from other Farming Areas.

Initial testing, using Nuron BioSafe, showed promising results in the philippines, however, further intensive testing is required which will confirm, whether we can killed the sigatoka pathogen.

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